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Book Review: Chocolate SOS by Sue Limb

Amazon description

Chocolate SOS: A Jess Jordon Story (Jess Jordan)Jess has broken up with Fred, though really she is waiting for him to come to her door and beg to get back together again. But is that the sort of thing Fred would do? He has said himself that he has no backbone ...Meanwhile, a gorgeous boy has moved in next door and, to Jess's mingled horror and delight, is making it very, very obvious that he would like to be a lot closer than next door ...Surely, now, Fred will be driven, in a fit of jealousy, to sweep Jess back off her feet? Won't he? Full of Sue Limb's very funny take on early teenage life and problems, fans of Jess Jordan will be thrilled to have a new Fred and Jess story.

My thoughts

This is the second Sue Limb book that I've read and whilst I found the first rather funny, Chocolate SOS was even more hilarious and I only usually read a few books a year that make me laugh out loud! 

In this new instalment of the Girl 15 series, we find Jess breaking up with her comedic boyfriend Fred when he lets her down as they organise entertainment for an event. While maddeningly angry at him, she can't help wishing that Fred would make an effort to win her back, especially with her school mate Jodie giving him all the attention. The main character Jess' experiences of teenage life have a real light-hearted but predictable feel that were great for relaxing with in the Christmas holidays. 

Jess goes through a lot of things that are typical for every teenage girls and there were many times I knew exactly what she was feeling like. Sue Limb definitely deserves her place in my mental list of authors who capture the emotions of teenagers all over the planet no matter whether on make-up, break ups, crushes or even divorce and financial problems. Some of the embarrassments she concocts are a little over-the-top and the side of me that always looks out for how realistic a book is had to learn to realise the craziness of it all is what makes it such an entertaining and escapist read.

Although they are not incredibly fleshed out, the other characters are fun to read about too with Jess' new flirtatious and forward neighbour Luke and the witty remarks of her grandmother who lives with her. I Like in Girl 15 Flirting For England, I found her best friend Flora nice and well meaning if a little inconsiderate of her friends feelings when she complains, which was rather annoying.

Despite the fact that this is the latest in a series, it could easily be read as a stand alone because I've only read the prequel and all the characters are easy to get to know quickly and although the story is continuous, it makes sense on its own too. The only drawback to this is that Fred might appear not very worthy of Jess in this book because his comic personality isn't shown as much but I don't think it would affect enjoyment.

 Verdict: Chocolate SOS (I have no idea where that name came from?!) is my favourite of the two Jess Jordan books I've read so far and more Jess's insane confessions and Limb's side-splitting humour had me in fits of giggles throughout. I recommend it for when you're in the mood for something you don't have to think about much but can just enjoy- I'll definitely be picking up another Jess Jordan book soon!

Thank you to Bloomsbury for sending me a review copy of this book. Chocolate SOS was published on the 5th January in the UK. I am hosting the first of the blog tour tomorrow- more information in a post later today =). 

You can find out more about the Jess Jordan books at or by watching an interview with the author Sue Limb at


  1. Great review, I wasn't a fan of this one but I could see why people would be... I think the name comes from the discussion jess and flora have about chocolate being like medicine kind of... But I'm not sure!

  2. Awesome review! I really want to read this book now!


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