Monday, 26 July 2010

Reading Challenges Summer 2010

After looking around at other people's book blogs, I noticed that many were taking part in reading challenges so I decided to take a look at them and decide which ones I would like to participate in. I have decided to join one as unfortunately I do not have as much time to read this summer as I would like:
Historical Fiction Challenge 2010

I love this challenge button!
This challenge is held by Royal Reviews with help from Alaine at Queen of Happy Endings from 1st January 2010 to the end of December so there is still plenty of time left. As you can tell from my reviews, I read a lot of historical fiction books normally so it would be nice to recognise this by taking part in the challenge and finding out about more hf through other bloggers taking part.

There are 4 levels to this challenge:

-- Curious – Read 3 Historical Fiction novels.

- Fascinated – Read 6 Historical Fiction novels.
-- Addicted – Read 12 Historical Fiction novels.

-- Obsessed – Read 20 Historical Fiction novels
I am just going to aim to read as many as I can in the time and see where I get to but if I counted all the hf books I've already read this year then I will have definitely reached Obsessed by Decemeber! Also, I am not going to list the novels I'm going to read in advance here as I do not know yet so I will update in my reviews of the hf books that I read and wrap up in a list in a post at the end of the challenge.
Here is the link to the challenge welcome post if you are thinking of joining in yourself, whether you are a book blogger or not:  For those of you are not inclined towards reading historical fiction there are other great challenges for a variety of genres listed there too.
Look out for more soon!


  1. Hope you read lots of historical fiction books!

  2. Ooh this sounds fun! But I promised myself I would work on my Giant TBR pile. I just made up some challenges for myself on my blog haha :)

  3. You know that once you start participating in reading challenges you will find it hard to stop right?

    Good luck with your challenge.

  4. Thanks, haha- I'll just have to wait and see Marg! I'll have a look at your challenges Danielle, it's a good idea to make up your own personal challenge :)


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