Monday, 30 August 2010

Bookshelf Love!

Since we all love books, we must have a place to put our treasures and thankfully we have the handy bookcase. There are so many types of bookshelves and I'm sure that you all have a great variety. They can be cluttered, neat, bursting out of the side, well arranged, sparse, stylish, cosy and homely or stylish and modern.... The list goes on!

I actually think that looking at a person's bookshelf can tell you quite a lot about their personality so later this week I'm going to post a few photos of my bookshelf and the books I have.

I searched on Google images for bookshelves and found some interesting types.Take a look:

The one in the top right has to be my favourite out of all the featured booksheves, it's ordinary and has good
and partical storage... with a twist! The little seat to lie down in would be perfect to snuggle up in with pillows to make it more comfortable and a blanket for cosiness. Perfect Winter hibernation spot!

Apparently you can really walk in the circle bookcase, once you've got the hang of it, it will burn off the calories whilst reading but it might make you a bit dizzy...

The bookshelf on the far right is like a massive bookshelf bench. They should have them at libararies, you could have a readathon on them!

What do you think of these bookshelves and which is your favourite?

Stephanie <3


  1. Love them! They make my bookshelf look so plain--I should jazz it up a little.

    I think the moving circle bookshelf is neat. Looks like a hamster wheel :oD I've tried reading while using the treadmill on a slow speed, but it's a bit awkward. I'll have to try a lighter read (LOL!)

  2. Mine too, I shall have to think of a way to make them more funky. Hahaha yeah, I never thought of it being like a hamster wheel before. Wow, I don't think I could ever read on a treadmill, well done for trying LOL!

  3. found you through the hop, then I saw this bookshelf post!! I love the circular one at the top the the guy is walking through, cool idea, but I'm not sure how practical it would be? Also, I like the infinity shaped one near the bottom.

    maybe the chair one is the most practical, it seems to give the most book storage bang for each square inch. and i got a crapload of books!


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