Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Waiting on Wednesday: Wildwing by Emily Whitman

When I first started reading book blogs I noticed that the 'Waiting on Wednesday' feature (which is held at Breaking The Spine)  was very popular and although I liked the idea, I didn't know much about new releases but now I have found an exciting list of YA historical fiction books that are going to be released soon.

My 'can't wait to read' unreleased book this week is Wildwing by Emily Whitman:

When Addy is swept back in time, she couldn’t be happier to leave her miserable life behind. Now she’s mistaken for Lady Matilda, the pampered ward of the king. If Addy can play her part, she’ll have glorious gowns, jewels, and something she’s always longed for: the respect and admiration of others. But then she meets Will, the falconer’s son with sky blue eyes who unsettles all her plans.

From shipwreck to dungeon, from betrothals to hidden conspiracies, Addy faces the intrigues of a castle where she’s not the only one with a dangerous secret. When she discovers the truth, Addy must take matters into her own hands. The stakes? Her chance at true love—and the life she’s meant to live.

This book sounds like my favourite genre historical fiction with a hint of romance and a little bit of fantasy mixed in, which I have never really tried but I like the sound of. The cover is also beautifully striking, I love the contrast of inside and outside of the frame. I found a brilliant blog post all about the cover shoot here if you're interested.

Wildwing is being released on the 21st September and I will definitely read it!


  1. This one's on my wishlist too! I love historical fantasy with a dash of romance as well :) And that cover is gorgeous, love the colors in it!

    A Tapestry of Words

  2. I hope that you get your book soon and that it is everything you hope it to be. Here is what I am Waiting on Wednesday for.

  3. Wildwing sounds like a book I'd love! I am adding this to my wishlist immediately. There are so many fun books to look forward to this autumn! :)

    - Violet @ The Eager Readers

  4. Oh this book seems good. Thanks for posting about it. I really like your blog so I'm a new follower now :)

    Happy Wednesday

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    Violet- I'm glad that my post helped you to find a book to add to your wishlist. I hope you enjoy it :D

    Katie- Thank you very much for following me

    Sorry it's a bit late but Ui'll go and check out your blogs/ WOW posts now!

  6. First mention I've heard of this one. Definitely going on my wishlist. I have Whitman's earlier book "Radiant Darkness" but haven't read it yet.Need to dig it out too. thanks for the rec commendation.
    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com


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