Tuesday, 11 January 2011

2011 Challenges: 50 Books In A Year and Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I've decided to take part in two more challenges for this year:

50 Books In A Year Challenge

50 books doesn't sound like a lot compared to a lot of book bloggers who read 100+ in a year but it will be a good challenge for me to aim for that number as I literally have so much schoolwork going on at the moment.

About the challenge:

The goal of the challenge is to read 365 books in the year 2011 whatever genre or format they are. If you'd like to find out more or sign up visit the host blog Zimlicious HERE!

Read Outside Of Your Comfort Zone Challenge

Isn't this challenge button just adorable!?
I am so glad that the lovely Danya from A Tapestry Of Words (one of my favourite blogs!) started this challenge. Towards the end of this year, I recieved a few review copies that were out of my comfort zone but I actually suprised myself when I ended up enjoying them so I want to branch out in my genres more this year to discover more great books and learn more about my reading tastes.

Here's what Danya says about the challenge:

I think most of us like to stick with certain genres of books, but every once in a while, it's good to explore something we might not normally read. Expanding your reang horizons leads to finding more great books and learning more about your own reading tastes.
This challenge encompasses any and all genres; the point is to pick some books you would ordinarily pass by or shy away from. Never liked history class? Pick some historical fiction. Uneasy about werewolves? Read some paranormal books. They do not all have to belong to the same genre - the goal is just to stretch your reading choices a little!

1-3 books: Peering Out the Window
4-6 books: Opening the Door
7-10 books: Standing on the Porch
11-15 books: Walking through the Neighbourhood
16-20 books: Exploring the Unknown

I going to aim for the 'opening the door' level for the moment.

The kind of genres that are outside my comfort zone are paranormal andchick lit/fluffy romance. I'll be reading the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead for this challenge and I'll pick the others up as I go along as I'm not sure about them at the moment.

If you'd like to join this challenge or find out more visit the sign up post over at A Tapestry Of Words HERE!


  1. Great challenges! I'm not participating in a single challenge, but maybe next year! I get too hung up on work and such to actually do challenges haha Good luck though, Stephanie! :)

  2. Hey Stephanie, thanks so much for joining in and for your great suggestion! It would be fun to hear how people react to trying something new :) And aw, I'm so happy to hear my blog is one of your faves - yours is for me too!

  3. On the first challenge you wrote you have to read 365 books in 2011. Did you mean 50? Lol :P

    Great challenges! This is my first year of doing challenges, so I'm only doing 2...
    The comfort zone one is a great way of finding new authors and genres.
    Good luck!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Melissa- thank you :) I understand, especially when challenges can dictate what you read to a certain degree.

    Danya- Awww thank you, that's really kind of you to say and you're welcome! Yes, that's what I thought too :D

    Ria- Opps- thanks for pointing that mistake out to me! I did me that LOL. The other two are ones I'm hosting and feature books I'd proabably naturally choose so these two are more of a 'challenge' for me to achieve. Good luck with your challenges!

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