Monday, 24 January 2011

Coverlicious: Annexed by Sharon Dogar- hardback V. paperback

Coverlicious is a feature that I post here spontaneously where I feature anything to do with covers from covers I love and cover trends to look-a-like covers and cover reveals.

I've recently read and reviewed Annexed by Sharon Dogar, which is Peter Van Dann's story of his time in the Annexe with his and Anne Frank's family. There is a hardback and a paperback cover and I thought I'd compare them to see which is people's favourite ! Here are the 2 covers:


 I think that the hardcover looks like more thought has been put into it because the window is supposed to be the one in Peter's attic, which is the only one which isn't covered up by curtains. The birds also show how it was the only way he could see into the outside world and watched the tree carefully as it moved through the different seasons and saw the birds come and go. The wire surrounding the author's name is also symbolic of the fences of the concentration camps. Although, the caption makes it look like a lighter read because it sounds as though it is more focused on the romance.

However, the paperback's photo gives a better idea of what the story is about because of the Jewish star. I also like the background of the bridge and the fact that the colours are monochrome apart from the title. If I am not mistaken, the image should be of Peter, however he looks much younger than the age he was when the Franks and his family went into hiding. You can see that through the photo of Peter on the right.

I'm on the fence as to which one I prefer- it's too hard to choose!

EDIT: If pushed, I think I would choose the hardback cover.

What are your thoughts on the cover and which is your favourite?I'd love it if you let me know in the comments section!


  1. Hmm... I really love the paperbacks colours. I think it is clever the way that they have only made the star yellow, to make the reader take note of the fact that he is a jew.
    However I do love the simplicity of the hardback, and the eerie feel to it, like you said there are many symbolic aspects to it such as the fence around the authors name.
    You're right, tough choice!
    Overall, though, I think that my vote goes to the Hardcover, due to it's boldness.

  2. I like this feature! I think that the paperback cover is my favourite because it looks grittier :)

    Great thoughts, Stephanie!

  3. I prefer the paperback cover .. I really need to buy this book, it seems like a great read !! =)

  4. Hardcover has my vote. I MUST read this! K.

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts everyone! It's interesting to see the variety in opinions. So far, the favourites are split evenly.

    @Liddy- Yes, I agree about it being clever about the yellow standing out. Hmmm, I'm starting to lean more towards the hardcover now.

    @Melissa- I'm glad you like Coverlicious :) I see what you mean and the caption makes it sound more focused on the romance side of the story.

    @Elodie- It would be a great one to have on the shelf next to The Diary Of A Young Girl. I hope that you get to read it soon!

    @Kate I'm glad that I introduced it to you when you commented on my review :)

  6. I think I prefer the hardcover overall - it's simple but symbolic and the black background really makes the yellow title pop. I do agree that the paperback makes it more obviously a 'WWII' book but the hardcover tagline does mention Anne Frank, and I think it might draw in more variety of readers by having a more mysterious image.

  7. I like the hardcover. It's more artistic. It's hopeful and sad. The other is just OK.

  8. Hm, I think the paperback looks more like a YA or MG book and the hardcover looks more older YA or adult. I like both of them.

  9. I'm definitely a fan of the paperback - I'm not a big fan of photographs on covers.

  10. I want to read this so much! I love Anne Frank and she inspires me. This book sounds really creative and interesting...


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