Saturday, 26 March 2011

Coverlicious: The Mermaid's Mirror by L.K Madigan

Coverlicious is a feature that sporadically I hold here featuring everything to do with covers from covers I love to cover reveals.

 The gorgeous cover of The Mermaid's Mirror, which I reviewed on Thursday, was what initially grabbed my attention. It captures the essence of the book so well with the feel of the spray of the stormy sea and I love the way the girl's damp and messy hair has been pulled back in a stylish and loose way, The water droplets over her hair look like pearls adorning it and really adds to the effect. Also, the blue glow surrounding the title contrasts really well with the grey colour of the sky and adds a warmer tone to the cover. The cover designer could have done some fantasy mermaid shot but I'm so glad that the cover ommits the mermaids because I think The Mermaid's Mirror is so much more than just another mermaid book.

Image courtesy of Melissa Walker: The Blog- thank you!
Above is a shot of the cover jacket, which is even better! The moody ocean continues onto the back cover and I love the way that the gir's shoulder expands over to the back cover naturally with the little yellow swirl feeding out of it. Often I find that photos from the front cover leading onto the back doesn't work but I think it does for thid cover. Even the small details have been thought out well such as the green shells on the spine. A difference to the cover image at the top is that the aqua blue glow around the title has been removed. This adds a lot to the dark, story and windswept look of the cover. Also, the quote from Malinda Low on the ocean doesn't ruin the cover effect for me either because it's quite unobstrusive. 

 Whilst looking for a picture of the cover online to go with my review, I found a cover story post with the author on the blog ReaderGirlz. L.K Madigan shared the original cover design, which is on the left. I'm SO glad that the designer changed it because this design doesn't incorporate any of the sea/mermaid elements of the book except from the title and isn't anything special.

 I also discovered a look-alike cover on my search on Dreaming Of Amelia by Jacyln Moriarty as the stock image of the girl has been used. This cover has much brighter colours than the final design for The Mermaid's Mirror so the cover has a very different atmosphere and the girl is positioned centrally instead of to the side. I do like it on this cover but I love it more on the Mermaid's Mirror.

 What do you think about the two The Mermaid's Mirror covers and the lookalikes? I'd love to find out!



  1. The covers are gorgeous, the book sounds great too! Good post :-)

  2. I love the finished cover so pretty I really want to read this book! and I see you enjoyed it :)

  3. I love the final cover for the same reasons you mention. It fits the book so well! I love it when they get it right like this. The original cover design would probably have caught my eye as well, but the final one is SOOO much better!

  4. Oh wow, I like the final version so much better. It has so much more atmosphere and weight. I also like the little water droplets.

  5. You make such a good point about how this could have been a fantasy mermaid shot -- I hadn't even thought about that. This cover manages to convey the sense of "mermaid" while still seeming so real. Great post!

  6. Anonymous11:43:00

    Ooh, the cover is so pretty! The story sounds interesting too. (:

  7. I totally agree that the final cover has way more atmosphere than the original. Definitely a good call on the publisher's part!

  8. Anonymous20:14:00

    I'm fixing to read Ingo on my Kindle ...mermaid book :)


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