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Top Ten Tuesday: Authors That Deserve More Recognition

Top Ten Tuesday is an awesome me held over at The Broke And The Bookish and this week's topic is authors that don't get enough recognition. Some of the ones in my list are ones that I don't think get enough recognition in the blogopsphere and others are just more general.

Here's my list:

1) Eva Ibbotson

I love Eva Ibbotson's fairy tale like stories and her slightly old fashioned writing, filled with adventure, fantasy, mystery, magic, romance and nature.So I was saddened to hear that she passed away last October and wrote a post in memory of her. She is quite well known in Britain as both a children's and adult's author but I  think she is relatively unheard of in the US. My review for her book A Company Of Swans is here. Her new cover redesigns are lovely and there are two examples below. 

2) Marie Louise Jensen

She writes wonderful YA historical fiction so how could she not be one of my favourite authors? Her new book that came out in February, Sigrun's Secret (the loose sequel to Daughter Of Fire and Ice) was released in February and it's very sad to see that there have been no reviews up on Amazon of it and few on Goodreads. If you're taking part in the YA historical fiction challenge, then make sure you consider reading one of her books!

 3) Helen Dunmore
 Helen Dunmore is the author of the Ingo series, which is one of my favourite series EVER. It features an underwater mermaid world and is the closest I've come to feeling a fantasy world is real in a book because Dunmore's description is just so immersive. If you like mermaids, then she's definitely a good author to try. She's also written some adult novels but I haven't read those.

 4) Elinor M Brent Dyer

The 50 book long Chalet School  boarding school series set in 1990s Austria is written by her and I really love it. It's old fashioned but fun and the characters are very endearing and lovable. I have about 30 of the books in the series at home because my mum and my school librarian's mum passed their collection onto me but I've only read 9. Unfortunately, her books are now out of print but they can be found second-hand at a good price on Amazon. I really hope that one day they'll be published again if more people discover them. If you want to know more, you might like to check out the post I did here about the series.
5) Noel Streatfield

Noel Streatfield's books are typical classic girly reads and her most famous book is probably Ballet Shoes. You may be wondering why she is on my list if Ballet Shoes is well know but I feel that a lot of teens aren't discovering her books anymore and they need more attention and love.

6) Jennie Walters

I know Jennie Walters for her Swallowcliffe Hall series beginning with House Of Secrets, which is about a young Victorian servant girl. The series carries on through the generations until WW2. I love the way Walters conveys emotion and I really connected with her characters.

7) Julia Green

I discovered Julia Green's contemporary YA books, Drawing With Light and Breathing Underwater, last year and really enjoyed them. Her writing is beautiful and I love the way she focuses on the characters and story whilst still managing to fit some lovely imagery in here and there. My conception of contemporary before I read hers was that contemporary books didn't have wonderful description (stupid, I know!) but I'm so glad Julia Green proved me wrong.

I can't think of anymore at the moment so my list will just have to stay at seven. What are your top ten most overlooked authors?


  1. Love all of your choices. I just ordered a set of Helen Dunmore's adult novels from the book people but didn't know that she had written YA as well. And Eva Ibbotson and Noel Streatfield are just wonderful :)

  2. I don't think I've heard of the Swallowcliffe Hall series before but they sound like great historical mysteries!

  3. I agree. Eva Ibbotson definitely deserves more credit. I've only read one of her books, A Countess Below Stairs (which I believe was The Secret Countess in the UK) and it was very well written.

  4. I wish my library system had Mary Louise Jensen books! I have a bunch of hers on my TBR, but I can't get a copy. Unless I buy them, but I don't buy new books unless I've already read them.

  5. I already added Ingo to my to-read list, it sounds amazing! Eva Ibbotson and Marie-Louise Jensen have great covers for their books, I'm going to check them out.

  6. Ooo, I don't think that I've heard of any of these authors. The Ingo series sounds great; I love books that really attempte to make you feel like you are a part of them!

  7. I had no idea Eva Ibboston had passed away, she is a brilliant writer. Great authors list!


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