Monday, 9 May 2011

Daily Dose (4)

Daily Dose is held by Good Golly Miss Holly. All images lovingly found at We Heart It.

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Shooting Stars

life's too short.


This is two photos of my guinea pig Saffron (taken about a week ago( who passed away on Friday night because of a stroke. She was six years old and was the most sweet natured and gentle of all the guinea pigs I've had. She was special to me because I got her for my eighth birthday and my parents had to search lots to get the exact colour I wanted. I only have a few photos of her and these are my favourite because she's outside in her run. Rest in peace my beauitful little angel <3


  1. So sorry about your lovely guinea pig!
    My animals are part of my family and mean so much to me and l know how difficult it is!

    Love the photos, the 3rd one is my favourite =)

  2. Sorry about your guinea pig. I have a guinea pig too :D They're so cute!!!

    Love the photos!

  3. Sorry to hear about your guinea pig Stephanie! She looked so sweet, beautiful images x

  4. I'm sorry about Saffron. =( That stinks.

    However, I love the dreaming with my eyes open picture the best!

  5. sorry about your guinea pig ):
    I'm not a fan of them, but I'm so sorry<3

    love the photos from heartit, though. especially the first and third (: xx

  6. So sorry about your guinea pig. My daughter had a guinea pig for about 7 years and was pretty heart-broken when he died. They are cute, fuzzy little guys.

  7. Awesome pictures stepahine!!
    I really love the first one, and your guine pig is so cute!
    Thank you so much for wishing me a happy birthday too, I got lots of great books!


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