Friday, 15 October 2010

And the winner of my 150 Follower Giveaway is.............

The winner of my 150 Follower+ giveaway is......

Cate from Sparrow Review- Congratulations Cate!
She chose The Secret Countess by Eva Ibbotson

A brilliant choice- I love this book and it's cover too! <3
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Cate has 2 weeks to respond before I choose another winner

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, I wish I could give a prize to all of you!

Here are a few of my favourite comments on what reading means to some of the entrants (I have kept them anonymous):

'Reading is sanctuary from the sometimes awful world; in reading I know everything will work out and there will be an end.  Sometimes I prefer predictable books for that very reason.'

'No matter how I feel -except when I lost my mood to read books- I always read. Though it sounds cheesy, but without books, my life would be tasteless.'

'I've loved reading from a very early age and thoroughly enjoy being able to slip into another world for a while. I find that books are a bit like a safe haven to me, able to pick me up when I'm feeling down or relax me when I'm stressed about something. '

'Plenty! It means realizing that you are not alone, that others have the same problems and there are plenty of different ways to deal with them. Also, it can be like taking a short trip into a different time period and a different time era. '

'It was hard for me to learn to read as a child.  I had dyslexia.  Once I finally started though, I couldn't stop!  I use to stay up way past my bed time with a book and flashlight under the covers.  After my mom caught me at it a few times she finally gave up and told me to, "at least keep the light on so you don't ruin your eyes."  LOL!    I can't imagine a life without books! '

'For me, reading is an escape. I can be working all day and be stressed out but the moment I read books, it makes me relaxed. Books transport me to a whole new world created by these awesome authors filled with interesting people. Reading has been a very big part of my life, growing up until now. I can't imagine how my life is if I hadn't started reading.'

'To me, reading is about many things. It means getting to experience things I normally never would or just haven't yet. It means experiencing things I've already experienced but from another perspective through a character. It means broadening my imagination and reasoning, teaching me that things aren't always black and white or what they seem. It also means crossing boundaries that never should have been built, learning about things people like to keep quiet and don't think should be in books. It means discovering and understanding the world of our past so we don't repeat past mistakes in the future. It means that when things in life get tough, there is always a story out there that I can find comfort and escape in, living in someone else's shoes for a time. I might can even find a way of dealing with whatever I'm going through in that book. Reading means that if your family or friends have their nose stuck in a book, they aren't out doing things they shouldn't be. Those who read tend to be more informed of the consequences of things like drugs, alcohol, abuse, and teen pregnancy and are therefor less likely to put themselves in those situations. I could go on forever but to sum it all up, reading means everything.'

'Reading means passion, love, home, loneliness to me. I can escape from my own life, or I can find a place which is more home than my real one. Find true friends or enemies, and just falling in love with great people or wonderful places. It means breathing, sometimes even living. '

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