Thursday, 2 June 2011

1 Year Blogoversary Celebration: Blogging firsts and other facts

As part of my blogoversary celebration, this post is a little reflection on my first year as a book blogger  in stats and my blogging firsts. I've said it before in my other blogoversary posts but thank you to everyone who has made my 'blogging firsts' happen!

Blogging Firsts 
  1. My first ever comment was from Bookalicious Ramblings (thank you)
  2. My first ever follower was Bookalicious Ramblings (thank you)
  3. The first giveaway I held was for reaching 150 followers
  4. My first author interview was with Sophie Mckenzie
  5. My first guest post was from Jess from Jess Heart's Books on the Vampire Academy series
  6. The first book I won from a blog was Nine Days A Queen by Carolyn Meyer from Kelsey Sutton- A YA writer
  7. The first Coverlicious post I wrote was on different Pride and Prejudice covers

Stats and other randsom facts
  1. I've written 275 posts
  1. I don't know quite how many reviews I've written because I keep forgetting to tag them (yes, I plan to do this from now on....)
  2. I've done 5 author interviews, which have all been lots of fun! Thank you to all the authors :)
  3. I've had 2 guest posts on the blog, which I really enjoyed reading
  4. I gained 331 followers in my first year- you're all awesome!
  5. I've held 4 giveaways and am now holding my fifth (yay!)
  6. I've participated in In My Mailbox 19 times
  7. I've participated in Waiting On Wednesday 14 times
  8. I've written 17 Coverlicious posts
  9. I've had several blog backgrounds but I've stuck with the header I use now right from the beginning
  10. The first challenge I participated in was the Jane Austen 2010 Challenge
  11. I'm hosting the Georgette Heyer Challenge 2011 and so far I've loved the Heyer books I've read

Remember to check out the international blogoversary giveaway I'm holding HERE- Thank you to everyone who has entered already!


  1. Very impressive! I recently celebrated my first blogiversary as well! Too bad we can't get together for a real celebration with cake and all....

  2. I like this idea - it's fun to see these stats!

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    Happy 1st Blog Anniversary. I wanted to let you know that I've finished another YA Historical Fiction book for your reading challenge. Here Lies Arthur by Philip Reeve. My review is at my place. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  4. This was fun to read. I'm a statistics junky :)

  5. Great list! What an achievement =)


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