Thursday, 23 June 2011

Coverlicious: Delirium by Lauren Oliver new covers!

Coverlicious is a feature that I hold here talking about anything to do with covers from newly revealed covers to cover lookalikes!

You may remember that I read Delirium by Lauren Oliver a few months ago and loved it. Only I wasn't a big fan of the original cover so I was excited to hear about the new covers that had been designed for it that Lauren Oliver recently announced on her blog Deliriously Falling  here. Here are the new designs and my thoughts on them :

The UK Paperback

I was  disappointed by this UK paperback design because it's just  plain compared to all the beautiful YA covers out there at the moment and because Delirium is such an amazing book, it deserves an equally stunning cover. This one just doesn't do it for me and wouldn't entice me to read it if I saw it in a book shop. The girl's large blue eyes are pretty, show a lot of expression and  match the background colours but it just strikes me as somewhat old fashioned and I've never really liked close up faces on covers.

The Special Edition 

I love this one SO much more! I first spotted it in a post over at Daisy Chain Book Reviews and I knew that I would just have to buy this edition because I don't have a copy of Delirium yet. It's not one of the most beautiful covers I've seen but I just love the soft pastel colours used and the green sparkle around the title  gorgeous. It  has a very earthy feel and contrast well with the model's pale skin and peachy lips! Again, the expression in the girl's eyes tells a lot  and the intense emotion displayed in them would  have me intrigued if I hadn't read it yet. However, the design doesn't really give away much about what the story is about. This cover design wins for me!

Full spread =)

What do you think of these new cover designs for Delirium? 
 Which is your favourite? Do you like them more than the original Delirium covers?


  1. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the UK paperback either...having the title written right across her nose seems weird. The special edition is quite nice though!

  2. I'm not a huge fan of either of the new ones, but the Special one isn't bad. I LOVE the original cover though! That's the one I have.

  3. The special edition cover is gorgeous! I still like the original, but I'll love to get my hands on the special edition :)

  4. Ok .. l am sorry .. but the UK one is TERRIBLE!!!!!
    The special edition one is better but still not special enough for the book.

  5. Going against everyone else, I actually like the UK paperback version. I don't like the special edition - it looks a bit too paranormal romance.

  6. I like the special edition the best. I don't really like the others that much. My favorite by far is the ARC cover though. I think that one fits the book the best.


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