Sunday, 12 June 2011

The commenting problem continues and (amended) please help solve!

Hey everyone! I just want to let you that my Blogger commenting problem still hasn't been fixed even though the Blogger help page says the commenting blip has been solved. I know I'm not the only one battling with Blogger probelms too.  So if I'm usually a regular commenter on your blog but I haven't posted it recently or don't visit back in a meme post then that's the reason why- I apologise. I am still reading your posts! It's very annoying :(

I have figured out a way that I can comment on blogs without being signed in but only if a blog has the name/url commenting setting turned on. The only problem is that you can't turn that setting on separately from allowing anonymous commenters too, which could possibly mean spam. If you are willing to turn this option on (Blogger's spam catcher catches all my spam comments) in your blog settings then I- and other people experiencing the problem- would be very grateful but I totally understand if not. didn't have this setting turned on before this problem either in case of spam! However to do this, go to the settings panel in your Blogger dashboard and check the 'anyone can comment' box.

For the meantime please bear with me while I try to find a solution and I'll let you know if it gets fixed. If anyone else experienced the same problem and got it fixed, I'd be grateful to hear!

Thank you to some brilliant advice from Joanne at Slice Of Life , I've now found a solution to the problem- thank you very much Joanne! This is where my plea comes in.

 I can comment on blogs that have 'full page' or 'pop up' commenting enabled in the comment settings in the settings tab of the Blogger dashboard. So I -and I'm sure all the other people experiencing the same problem- would be extremely grateful if other bloggers enabled this option on their blog in order that everyone can comment until the problem is fixed. Thank you so much if you do decide to this or spread the word- I really appreciate it!

Stephanie <3


  1. Hi Stephanie! Everyone is frustrated and trying to work around all the "bugs" -- hope they have everything worked out soon, too!

  2. Mention to your blogger friends to change to pop up or full page commenting to see if this will help them receive comments.

  3. I have no idea how to help, sorry ):
    but cute photo ;D

  4. @Ria Haha it is rather cute!

    @Joanne Thank you so much for your advice. That's really nice of you. I worked out that the 1 blog I can post comments on had the opop up comments. I'll ammend my post :)

  5. You're most welcome, Stephanie!

  6. Oh Gosh glad to hear I'm not the only one having this problem! Yeah I'd realized full page and pop-up worked, just not the embedded comment box. Hopefully blogger can straighten things out. XD


  7. I had this issue too (I think everyone did) and what worked for me was cleaning out my cache & cookies by going to System Tools, Disk Cleanup, and then Disk Defrag (do Analysis first, then Defrag if necessary), and then restart your computer. Commenting worked immediately after doing this and my computer really needed the cleanup job. Hope that works :)

  8. I've been having problems leaving comments on blogs, and general "tetchiness" on blogger...errgh!

  9. I'm having some problems commenting on some of my favorite blogs too. It is SO frustrating. I can't figure out what to do. And it seems that at times, these blogs are the ones I want to comment the most!!!

  10. Sorry to hear you're still having problems! I've heard switching browsers has helped some people. Also clearing your cache and cookies. Have you tried that?

  11. I had the same problem, until one brilliant commenter advised me to switch to another browser, I now use Google Chrome and YAY! problem solved :) (obviously, else you wouldn't be reading this). It's also a lot faster than Internet Explorer, so I'm happy with it.

    Oh, and a belated happy blogoversary! I felt so bad when I couldn't comment on your posts!

  12. Just wanted to let you know that I switched to the pop up comment system for you :)


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