Friday, 10 June 2011

Discussion: Where do you usually read?

Last holidays whilst I was waiting for something with my mum, were in a park so I decided to settle down and read on the bench. I found that it was really nice to read outside in nature and it got me thinking about the places I like to read/ dream of reading in.

So here are the places that I read in:

My Bed

The place that I normally read in is my bed because I mostly read before I go to bed at night. It's just so cosy and relaxing curling up under the covers with a fluffy pillow/snuggly blanket and helps me to get lost in a book. When it gets cold in the winter, hot water bottles are even better! The last book I read whilst in bed was Mad Love by Suzanne Selfors, which I'm currently reading.

Dream reading bed...

How cute is this?

The photo above is what I imagine I used to look like reading with all my teddies on the bed when I was little!

This is also what I used to look like sneakily reading under the covers (probably an Enid Blyton book) when I was sent to bed ;)

On the bus

I used to hate reading in the car or on the bus but since I've moved to secondary school I've found that reading twenty minutes in the morning on the way to school and twenty minutes on the way back adds considerably to my reading time and I'll get a book finished twice as fast because I'm finding less time to read at home. Although the past month or so I haven't read on the bus at all because a friend has started getting on it too and we chat all the way!

On the sofa

At Christmas my family built a new guest room and it's become our library with lots of shelves for all our books (I got 1 but it's already been filled up!) There's also a new sofa  in there so I like to read on that because it's comfy. Here are some photos of awesome reading sofas I found:

Cute little reading nook :0

You don't even have to get up
to get the next book....

Okay, it doesn't look comfy but a few cushions would sort that out!

In the library

I like to read in my school library if I get to school really early or occasionally at break times.

On a deckchair in the garden

I do this very rarely but if it's sunny I like to go out in the garden to settle down with a book on a deckchair. Soaking up the sun whilst escaping in a good book = double win. The last book I read in this place was Sigrun's Secret by Marie Louise Jensen and it was also the place I read my first book on Kindle.

In the bath

This is something I've only taken to doing recently because I was always worried I would have a bit of a disaster with the book and ruin it because I'm quite clumsy. I gave it a go and as yet I haven't done that and I love reading in the tub now! It's just so utterly relaxing and means I can just focus on the book without any distractions. My little brother adores reading in the bath and it's rare to find him reading in a book anywhere else.... he even has a mini book pile in the bathroom. The last book I read in the bath was Precious Norman Honour by A.L Stumo.

So that's the places where I do read but I'm planning another post about my dream summery reading places outside and also particular places around the world!

Where do you usually read? What do you like about these places?

I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments section....


  1. That chair with the books is amazing, I want!
    I usually read in bed and in school(:
    I found this really cool bed which is like that chair, but it's a bed and is like a bookshelf running round it.. if that makes any sense? LOL(:
    great discussion(:

  2. Same places except bathroom :p Too dangerous for the books in there.
    I remember i was once read HP, while eating breakfast...i had the book like 1 meter away of my milk XD LOL

  3. I mostly read in my bed, but if it's sunny I might go out in the backyard for a while :) I can't read on the bus or in a car because I will get motion-sick within a few minutes, unfortunately. I used to be able to when I was younger, but not anymore!

  4. I usually read in my second bedroom (I'm an only child so I have two rooms) which is sort of like my own personal library. I have a big recliner in there that I like to sit and rock in while I read. Sometimes I'll even read in bed because I have this great reading lap over my headboard. Thanks for sharing your favorite places.

  5. I ruined a book in a bath once...I didn't like the book that much though so I didn't really care...Love the pic of reading under the covers- I still do that! Fun discussion.

  6. I usually read in bed. I love to snuggle up with a good book. Also love to read beside a roaring fire in winter! I would love to read outside in the garden, if only it would stop raining!

    I don't read in the bath - too dangerous! ;)

  7. I read...EVERYWHERE! I read on the bus too, but not the car. Since I get it too school too, which takes about 20 minutes. I also read under the covers too, why waste time sleeping when you could be finishing an amazing book?! I loved reading your post. :-)

  8. I usually read in bed or in the very comfy chair in my library (really just the spare bedroom with some bookshelves in!). I always want to read in the bath, but I don't like getting prune-y :P

  9. I mostly read on my sofa! I love the look of that little reading nook tucked into the shelves! :D

  10. Those reading chairs look amazing!

    I've read in the bath since I was little! Its the best place lol (I also have a pile of books in the bathroom!) I often take 2 hours baths just to read lol - but it irritates the hell out of my parents!

    I read in my room as well - and in bed (of course) although sometimes thats a bad idea because if I start reading in bed I won't stop - I've carried on reading through until 5 am many times because of it!

    I like the idea of reading outside but the glare of the sun irritates me usually!

  11. I do most of my reading in bed or at work (library). Some of my favorite places to read though are on the beach and in a big comfy chair. In the summers I do a lot of bathtub reading because it's the best place to get cool (we don't have a/c).

  12. What a fun discussin! I've never tried reading in the bath, as I'm afraid I'll ruin the book. Usually read on the couch and during lunch at work. Love the cool book furniture you found!

    Stopping by from The Saturday Situation.

  13. Most of the time I read in bed, because that's so comfortable! We have a really comfy couch in our living room, but there's nearly always something going on there, so it's hard to concentrate! I read in school sometimes too. We have another sort of fancy room with couches and a TV and that's not used too often, so I read in there, but the couches aren't very comfy, there's sort of hard!


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