Thursday, 14 July 2011

Coverlicious: Pegasus by Robin McKilney

Coverlicious is a feature I hold here where I talk about anything to do with book covers from cover reveals to lookalike covers!

This time I'm featuring:

Pegasus by Robin McKilney

There are plenty of gorgeous covers out there in the YA book world at the moment all with their own style but I think the cover of Pegasus is in a realm of its own. When I first saw it on my travels around the blogosphere, it made me say 'wow!' in my head because it's truly spectacular. There's just something about the colours, positioning and font that gives it the feel of the kind of artwork that I wouldn't mind having on my wall. I wanted to have it on my bookshelf right away! Now that I do, it looks even better in person...

I love the way that the shining sun is breaking through the clouds to flood the field that the girl is standing in and the billowing emerald dress she's wearing. It gives it an 'on top of the world' feeling because of the expanse of open space and there's unmistakably something magic about it.  Also, it looks to me like the clouds are breaking apart for the charcoal black pegasus as if they're entering another world full of sunshine and happiness and that does fit in with the plot of the story.

I'm a big fan of swirly writing on covers because it makes them more 'girly' and I think it works really well here because the red gives it a royal air to fit with the setting. To me it looks like it could have been written in the air by the pegasus because it has a flourish. 

I think that a good cover has to tell you enough about the story to make you want to read it and seeing the girl look up at the pegasus flying away bought all sorts of questions to mind. Why is the pegasus flying away? What's their relationship? What sort of world do they live in?

Whilst reading Pegasus a few chapters in, there was a description of Princess Slyvi's (the girl on the cover) dress and hair accessory that she wore to a court event and I flipped back to the cover to find that the dress, plait and green pearl drop hair decoration fitted the description perfectly. Often, there are obvious mistakes about the way characters look on covers that are rather annoying so it was really nice to see that the cover designer had taken the time to read the information in the book carefully and take time over it.

As you may have seen in my review of Pegasus yesterday, I liked the story but there were a few major issues that left me feeling adisappointed. So I'm sad to say that the book isn't as amazing as the cover :( 

What are your thoughts on this cover? Does it tempt you to read it?


  1. Beautiful cover, I agree. Pity you didn't enjoy the book as much, but your review is good! :)

  2. I love the cover of this one too - you really get the feel of wide-open spaces! I got this one out from the library months ago, but I read a few chapters and wasn't getting into it. I'm glad I didn't push further because you're not the only one I know who has been disappointed by it :(

  3. Oh wow! This is really unique =)

  4. I LOVE this cover! Agree with everything you said (and I like swirly fonts too :) ) I wish the book was as good as the cover.

  5. Wow, nice blog! And you HAVE to read the Hunger Games series, they're amazing. Check out my blog too!


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