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Top 10 Tuesday (1) Favourite Couples

After loving some of the interesting posts on other blogs that I read, I have decided to take part in Top Ten Tuesday myself. TTT is a weekly meme held over at Broke and Bookish where you highlight your top ten of the chosen topic that week.

This week's topic is: Favourite couples

1) Lizzie Bennett and Mr Darcy

I think that this is going to be quite a common one, I had the pleasure of reading about their hate turning to love romance for the first time that I finished yesterday. I love their witty conversations and how this eventually softens!

2) Arabella and  Mr Beaumaris (Arabella by Georgette Heyer)

This was the first regency romance I read and they are still my favourite couple with Arabella, the innocent country miss and Mr Beaumaris, the most eligible bachelor and trendsetter of London. Their relationship is adorable

3) Sophy and Charles (The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer)

Sophy and Charles are 2 cousins who could not be more different, Sophy is bold and pushes the boundaries of what is proper for a young lady in society whilst Charles seems dry at first and does the respectable thing. His rages at Sophy's 'improper' behaviour are very amusing and I love how they come to be together in the end

4)  Kitty and Freddy (from Cotillion by Georgette Heyer)

Anne and Gilbert

Their relationship is very interesting as they pretend to be engaged so that Kitty doesn't have to marry any other of her boring cousins and make her handsome cousin Jack jealous so he offers for her hand. His growing fondness of Kitty is lovely and it is so sweet when they realise that they might be right for each other after all

5) Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe (Anne of Green Gables series)

They are such a sweet couple who knew each other from childhood whose tale is similar to Lizzie Bennett and Mr Darcy's in that Anne hates Gilbert from the moment he breaks a slate over her head in school.

6) Amy and Lorrie (Little Women by Louisa M Alcott)
Anne and Gilbert as children

It's so cute that Amy marries the man who once promised her as a little girl that he wouldn't let her die without being kissed!

7) Anna and Rupert (from The Other Countess by Eva Ibbotson)

I love how Rupert loves Anna just as much when she is a maid as when he finds out she is really a Countess (don't worry, that wasn't a spoiler- you find this out in the first chapter of the book!)

8) Thora and Bjorn (Daughter of Fire and Ice)

Amy and Laurie
You don't get to see much of their romance in the story as just when they start to realise their love for each other, Bjorn is forced to make a sacrifice to save Thora which means they can never be together again. Even when they are living with rest of the settlers in their house in Iceland but cannot speak, you can still sense the bond and growing love between them. I can't wait for the sequel to see if they can be together in the end!

9) Tom and Lucy (from the At The House of the Magician series by Mary Hooper)

The story is not primarily a romance but I love the snatched time that Lucy gets to spend with Tom, the Queen's jester who often appears to her in disguise.

10) Hannah and Tom (The Fever and The Flame series by Mary Hooper)

Again, the romance is not the main story but at a time when the plague is raging in London, Lucy and Tom do not know how much time they have together. I love what they risk for each other.


  1. Nice list! I also chose Anne & Gilbert, and I chose Laurie from Little Women but paired him with Jo :o) Here's mine.

  2. Elizabeth and Darcy would be my top pick too (a lot of people's, I think!) Also love Anne & Gilbert, they're so cute and it takes them so long to get together which makes it all the sweeter. Always felt pretty sorry for Gil though...Anne was really stubborn about things!

  3. I'll have to see if I can find a copy of the first in The Chalet School series (my libraries don't seem to carry them :() - sounds like fun!

    Also you like Road to Avonlea too?? That's awesome! Being Canadian I was *raised* on that show! I have fond memories of the whole family settling down in front of the TV to watch :) My favorite character when I was younger was Sara, although the whole tragic romance of Felicity & Gus was good too.

    Anne of Green Gables is great, my favorite's the third book when she and Gilbert finally declare themselves. I like the first and second movies too (the third one is so totally different from the books that it's not really Anne of Green Gables at all, I thought). Also I've been to PEI and seen the house that inspired Green Gables - and we also saw the Anne of Green Gables musical which was a ton of fun! (I am a big fan of musicals).

  4. I completely agree with your first choice!!! Great blog :)


  5. I think the last season of RTA is pretty intense (what with the Felicity & Gus thing) so hope you enjoy!! I know what you mean, there's something very comforting about old-fashioned movies/TV shows. I love some classic movies (Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn...they're awesome!)

    Also another Canadian TV show I grew up with was called Wind At My Back. Not nearly so well known as RTA, and set in a totally different time (Canada in the 1930s Depression era), but it's a really heartwarming series about a single mom and her two boys struggling to make ends meet - and also produced by Kevin Sullivan! I think the first 3 seasons were the best (then they changed one of my favorite actresses and the other one wasn't nearly so good.) Anyway, you might enjoy it - there's a nice mix of humour and serious moments, and it appeals to both kids and adults. (Not sure how available it is outside of Canada though!)

  6. Great list! I love your choice of Amy and Laurie. I know a lot of people don't like them because they wanted Laurie to end up with Jo, but I think that they made the better couple. Jo and Laurie would have fought all the time!

    - Emily @ Reading While Female

  7. Anonymous17:39:00

    Oh, it was a lovely post.
    I don't do the Top Ten thing but I did do a list of my favorite couples a while a go for my blog. I Think I had some of the same ones!

    (And totally agree about Anna and Rupert! they are so sweet together).


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