Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Coverlicious: Lookalike YA historical fiction covers

Coverlicious is a feature that I hold here on this blog featuring book covers that I love, lookalike covers and US v. UK covers.

I noticed these lookalike YA historical fiction covers a while ago but my attention was brought to them again when it was discussed in the comments by Danya @ A Tapestry of Words in my last Coverlicious post about The Fool's Girl.

It appears as if the same stock image from a photographer has been used for all three covers with a little photoshopping incorporated to change the colour of the dress for The Education of Bet and to add the necklace for Whisper My Name. It also appears as if the girl on the cover of The Fool's Girl is younger because her hand is less wrinkly, I don't know if this is the light of the photo or if is has been digitally adjusted.

As Rebecca from Rebecca's Book Blog also pointed out to me, the dress does not really suit the Tudor time period that The Fool's Girl is set in however the cover was changed in the final print copies thankfully.

Have you spotted any look-alike covers recently?


  1. Wow I hadn't even seen the cover of Whisper My Name but it looks *really* similar to The Education of Bet (same exact angle!)

    Good to hear The Fool's Girl has been changed in the final copies. I'm not up on my Tudor fashion but historical inaccuracies in covers are always annoying.

  2. Whoa that's weird! I didn't even think that was legal...

  3. These are great ones because they are similar (and obviously using the same photo), but cropped quite differently. Nice catch!

  4. Ava - the owner of the photo probably sold the publishers non exlusive rights. This would allow the owner of the photo to sell rights to multiple publishers.

  5. Anonymous00:38:00

    Wow, the last two are really similar. The thing is, those covers appeal to me (look like historical fiction) but surely there's a few more pictures are around to buy?
    The Piano Teacher when released in Australia had the exact same cover picture as another novel, which was pretty poor IMHO.

  6. I think I may have found yet another use of this image: look closely at the woman's mouth and dress, I think it's the same one!

  7. Good catch! I think I've seen this dress/girl on another cover too! It appears to be very popular.


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