Monday, 18 April 2011

A Cornucopia Of Dystopia: Lauren Oliver Scavenger Hunt Interview

Today is the finale of A Cornucopia Of Dystopia event held by Casey at The Bookish Type and Danya at A Tapestry Of Words and to have some fun on the last day we're doing a scavenger hunt interview with Lauren Oliver, the bestselling author of Before I Fall new dystopian Delirium. The interview is spread across eight blogs, each linking to the next in the chain. You'll have to follow the link trail to see the interview in its entirety!

Here's my question for Lauren:

What was your absolute favourite aspect of writing and researching Delirium?

I loved spending time in Portland, Maine, and getting to know the city and the feel of the place. It felt very exotic to me—not necessarily because it is exotic, but because it was a huge moment where I suddenly realized, “I’m a writer—this is my job—to go places and listen to people.” And of course I had so much fun playing with the idea of love as a disease, and more importantly, writing about the fears and anxieties that love can provoke. It’s funny; I really have lived through times when I would have gladly taken the cure. And when I meet people who haven’t, and can’t understand it, there’s a disconnect to me. I feel like: wait, haven’t you ever had you heart broken? Haven’t you ever felt like you’d been smashed into bits by someone else? So I liked exploring that.

Thank you so much for answering my question Lauren! I hadn't read Delirium at the time I wrote the question but I have now and I absolutely loved it (you can find my review here). It had me thinking about whether I would take the cure and it must have been interesting pondering that whilst you were writing. The concept is challenging but I imagine you had fun coming up with and creating Delirium's dystopian world. You can really tell from the detail about the setting in Delirium that you've spent a lot of time there researching and it adds an extra dimension to the book. I would love to be just to go and visit places to 'people watch' and look around- all the more reason for trying to become an author....

The next question of the scavenger hunt interview can be found over at

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so don't forget to pop on over there and keep reading the rest of the interview! Enjoy :D

Finally, (I know I've said it before in my interview with Katie Kcvinsky) but I want to say another huge thank you to Casey and Danya for putting so much hard work into organising this wonderful event to celebrate new dystopian releases and making it a success. It's been a privilege to take part and a lot of fun. I hope everyone has enjoyed it as much as I have whether you're a reader or a blogger taking part in the event!


  1. great question, I love Lauren and this book! :)

  2. Aw, thanks Stephanie, I'm so glad you enjoyed the event! And thank *you* for participating :) It's been awesome!


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