Thursday, 28 April 2011

Coverlicious: Beauitful Cover Dresses #4 Princess Of The Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George

Coverlicious is a feature here on my blog where I feature anything and everything to do with covers from covers I love to cover cover lookalikes and cover reveals.

This post is part of a series called Beautiful Cover Dresses, featuring gorgeous dresses on covers that I love! Today's pick is:

I ADORE this book cover- it's just too good to resist! I mean that dress has to be amongst the most gorgeous I've seen on a cover-right? It really is too good to resist if you're a cover lover like me and it looks so pretty on my bookshelf.

That dress is to die for!
I love the design of the dress with the pulled in waist the and the golden flaps opening on to a centre intricately embroidered with moss green floral patterns. It's not brightly coloured and doesn't come across as though it was designed to stand out if worn to a ball but are quite subtle but extremely pretty at the same time. I like the way the photo has been caught in motion as the girl is walking so the dress flaps are flying out and the cream under layers at the bottom are ruffled up so we can see them. It fits in with the fairy tale theme well and looks like a dress that would be easier to dance in then others such as those on the Luxe series by Anna Godbersen covers although I think it would still be a challenge.

Font fit for a Princess
The swirly gold title and author font works really well with it and looks royal even though I think it is used quite commonly. Curly fonts like this one are a favourite feature of mine on covers! I also like the way the title is to the right  and it vertical because as you read it down your attention is drawn to the detail of the dress and it also allows for the dress to be full length.

Mysteriously dark background....
You might wonder why there is such a mysteriously dark and grey background on a fairy tale retelling when fairy tales are usually happy. In this case the charcoal background matches the story perfectly because the Princesses in the book carry a heavy secret and they must go to a dark underground world to dance with the sons of an evil King. I am guessing that the illustration background on this cover is the passage leading to this underground kingdom with cold tiles and carved pillars. This background also helps the dress to stand out because I don't think it would have the same effect on a lighter background.

What are your thoughts on this cover?

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  1. Don't we see that font everywhere? I think I have it on my computer...I use it quite a bit because its so pretty...
    Fairy tales are never happy! Thinks of poisoned apples, witches, losing voices, evil faeries...
    That dress is extremely pretty. But it looks heavy...too heavy to be danceable in...
    ^^ My thoughts on that cover.

  2. @Nina Yes, I think the font it quite commonly used but it still looks 'princessy' and suits the book. Of course fairy tales are happy :( Well, at least they always end happily ever after or they wouldn't be fairy tales. I don't think I could dance in it either but dresses of the time were worse to dance in!

  3. Beautiful cover! I love that dress! Oh, to be a princess for a day! :)

  4. This is a beautiful cover, l haven't ever seen it before!

  5. I absolutely love this cover! I'm dying to read the books as well :) Have you read it? I love fairytale retellings and the cover definitely gives of the vibe that it's a kinda dark one. And I love that!

  6. So where do I get a dress like this? :P

  7. Agreeing with everyone that that dress is gorgeous!

    Oh, and glad to hear you've watched Northanger Abbey! I really love the movie, I think it's quite a faithful adaptation of the book and I love the casting for both Henry Tilney (JJ Feild) and Catherine (Felicity Jones). They play the roles to perfection!

    And thanks for the Eva Ibbotson recommendations :)

  8. I love this cover! That dress is so pretty, though the girl doesn't really look like how I pictured any of the sisters. I totally agree with you about the background. Good catch! I always think of this as from a scene when the girls are descending into Under Stone's kingdom.


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