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In The Shadow Of The Lamp by Susanne Dunlap release celebration: Quotes

This week on the blog, I'm doing a series of posts to celebrate the release of In The Shadow Of The Lamp by Susanne Dunlap. Today, I'll be sharing some of my favourite quotes from the book.

Goodreads description

In The Shadow of the Lamp

'It's 1854 and sixteen-year-old Molly would give anything to change her circumstances as a lowly servant in a posh London house. So when she hears of an opportunity to join the nurses who will be traveling with Florence Nightingale to the Crimea, she jumps at the chance. The work is grueling, the hospital conditions deplorable, and Miss Nightingale a demanding teacher. Before long, the plight of British soldiers becomes more than just a mission of mercy as Molly finds that she's falling in love with both a dashing young doctor and a soldier who has joined the army to be near her. But with the battle raging ever nearer, can Molly keep the two men she cares for from harm? A love story to savor, and a fascinating behind-the-scenes imagining of the woman who became known as "the lady with the lamp."


Please note that these quotes come from an advance readers copy. There may have been changes in the finished copy of the book.

' If they never got closer than they were then to the battles, it might seem glorious, I thought. They wouldn't see the fear and pain on the men's faces, just where they moved, like the painted lead soldiers rich children played with.'

'Every now and then a puff of white smoke would come from above Sevastopol, followed by a distant boom. Like fireworks during the day but instead they were guns. I saw up close what they did to soldiers, and it wasn't glorious or pretty.'

'I saw her standing in the middle of the ward. The sun streamed in through the rows of windows in a pattern that showed floating specks of dust and made the dingy linens look almost white. Miss Nightingale, dressed all in black was like a statue there, her eyes travelling up and down the rows, looking for anyone in need...'

'I wanted him to tell me more, not just about the water, but about the strange buildings that crowded the shore, with their odd shapes and fancy decorations like a lady's lace collar.'

'Words are so different when you speak them than when you write them'

I hope that these quotes will whet your appetite for more because I absolutely loved In The Shadow Of The Lamp- it's an amazing book! If you're interested you may want to read my review.

NOTE: In March I started a feature called Super Snippets to share some quotes from books like in this post but I've discovered another blogger who does this too and feature 'stealing' isn't right so I won't be doing a separate post for it anymore but I hope to include some quotes I like in my reviews. This is just a one off to celebrate the release of In The Shadow Of The Lamp.


  1. I have some huge historical fiction fans in my library. Sounds like this will be one to consider.

  2. The 3rd quote has such great description xx

  3. Great review, as always! I can always trust your opinion! :D
    I love the last quote, I totally agree with it.
    You commented on one of my daily dose posts about rainbow cupcakes: They are real, my sister made some and they were delicious! Though the ones in the picture are perfect, and much prettyier looking than my sisters! Shh, don't tell her I said that!


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