Wednesday, 6 April 2011

New Blogger Friend: Nina from Death, Books and Tea

A couple of weeks ago, one of my friends in the year below me at school who goes to my school book club started up her own book blog after I told her about book blogs. I just wanted to share her blog, Death, Books and Tea (I love the name!), which she set up about a month ago with you all. Nina is lovely and as you might be able to tell from her blog name, she loves books with death in them and manga. Another friend, Katy has now begun contributing to the blog too and they both have similar reading tastes. Here is what Nina has to say about herself, Katy and their blog because she can describe it much better than me:
Dear Stephanie's Readers

First things, big thanks to Stephanie for the free advertising (hugs). I'm Nina, and I book blog at Death Books and Tea with my friend Katy.
Ok, she wasn't sure how to describe us, so I'll do it.
We read a lot of manga, we read a lot of things with vampires, death, blood, horror, that whole idea. Basically the things that Stephanie doesn't really like. Not all of it though, we like dystopians and historical fiction too.
Oh, and we get high on tea. A lot. Hence the blog name. And the slightly insane rantings that may appear randomly.
Please come over if your looking for a blog with a completely different flavour to Stephanie's. And even if you're not, please come over and enjoy tea and books anyway!

Once again, thanks to Stephanie. And hugs. Stephanie is EXTREMELY huggable.

Hope to see you here!

Nina xxx

Thank you Nina and congratulations on reaching 40 followers over the past month! Incase you were wondering about the last bit, Nina has a rather sweet habit of randomly coming up in the school corridor to give me a hug. My favourite thing about their blog is their unique and awesome rating system, which uses tea strengths as you can see from the graphics they use that I've included. They also have a great new feature called Open For Discussion.

Some of the books that they've reviewed recently include Matched by Allie Condie, Delirium by Lauren Oliver, Fallen Grace by Mary Hooper and Death Note: Another Note by NisiOisin.

If you like the sound of their awesome blog, pop over to Death Books And Tea and say hi- I'm sure Nina and Katy would really appreciate it and love it!


  1. Thank you Stephanie! *hugs again, shall give more hugs in school*

  2. You are great! It's real nice of you to kick off their blog like that :) Will be jumping over there right now!

  3. Sounds like an awesome blog! As is yours : ) I'm an new follower, if you want to would you follow me back please : ] Thanks!

  4. @Nina- You're welcome, I think you got a few new followers! Yay :D

    @Steph- Thanks, I'm sure they'll really appreciate it!

    @Cliona- Awww thanks for following me, I'll hop over to your blog now :)


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