Thursday, 14 April 2011

Late Waiting on Wednesday: The Betrayal Of Maggie Blair by Elizabeth Laird

Waiting on Wednesday is a meme held by Jill at Breaking The Spine that encourages bloggers to share books that have not yet been released that they are eagerly waiting on.

My pick this week:

The Betrayal of Maggie Blair

Goodreads description:

 In seventeenth-century Scotland, saying the wrong thing can lead to banishment—or worse. Accused of being a witch, sixteen-year-old Maggie Blair is sentenced to be hanged. She escapes, but instead of finding shelter with her principled, patriotic uncle, she brings disaster to his door.
Betrayed by one of her own accusers, Maggie must try to save her uncle and his family from the king’s men, even if she has to risk her own life in the process.
Originally published in the UK, this book has a powerful blend of heart-stopping action and thought-provoking themes.

There's not long left to wait at all now... The Betrayal of Maggie Blair comes out in 4 days on April 18th in the US. I love the sound of it, because as most of you probably know, I adore historical fiction! It also has a Christian slant and I like this mix. I haven't actually read a witch trial book before (even though I have With Child by Celia Rees sitting on my bookshelf) but I've always been interested in the subject as it has been mentioned in several books I've read. I've read another of Elizabeth Laird's books called The Garbage King, which was fantastic so I know she's a great author. Finally, those murky and mysterious blues on the cover are gorgeous and make me want to read it even more (yes, I want it on my bookshelf!) 

The Witching HourWhen looking up the cover and description on Goodreads for this post, I just realised that this book was first published in the UK under the name of The Witching Hour and I remember seeing that in my school library. If I'm honest, that title just doesn't appeal to me as much as The Betrayal of Maggie Blair because the new US title makes me intrigued as to why she was betrayed and makes the book sound less paranormal. The UK cover for it also put me off because it's creepy whilst the US one is beautiful! Still, I think I'll take it out of my library when I get back to school.

If you like the sound of this book, you can read some of it on Google Preview from a link on the Goodreads page.


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